About John Mangun

My interest in the stock market first began when I was in my early teens, following the stock price action of major companies in the daily newspaper long before the computer.


In 1976, I earned my license as a stock broker on the New York Stock Exchange as well as being licensed and registered for the Options and Commodity Exchanges.


After working for two major Wall Street firms, I went to England as head of foreign exchange trading for a British asset management company.


Upon returning to the United States, I formed my own investment advisory company, administering to the needs of corporations and high-net worth individuals.


Since 1989, I have actively analyzed and traded the Philippine Stock Exchange, making my first stock purchase (and losing trade) buying shares of San Miguel Corporation on Friday, November 24th, one week before the 1989 coup attempt.


I have been a regular Philippine newspaper columnist, writing about the Philippine economy, business, and stock market since 1996. I started writing for the Philippine Daily Inquirer and am currently writing for BusinessMirror, the country’s leading business newspaper.


In 2008, I started providing stock trading advice and recommendations to Subscribers of my PSE Strategy Guide, and since last year, through my website MangunOnMarkets.com


The one lesson I have learned in more than 30 years of stock trading is that you must have a trading strategy and then you must trade your plan. But where do you get The Plan?


Your stockbroker’s hot tips?


Your brother-in-law’s highly placed connections?


Your gut feelings?


Technical analysis is intended to provide us with the price trends of the broad market and also individual issues. More importantly, it helps define price entry and exit points for profits and exit prices when the price trend changes direction.


It gives us our much needed PLAN